The Mason Jar Method

This is the easiest way to make pancakes, with the least amount of dishes, period.

It is done in two minutes and you have only one jar to wash

If your jars do not have oz and ml markings, you can omit the small jar and use a kitchen scale or cup measure in its place. 
The recipe is easily doubled. 



  • Microwave or Small Saucepan
  • 32oz Mason Jar - with markings
  • 6oz  Mason jar - with markings


Prep: Heat your cooking surface on medium. 

1: Melt the butter in the big jar. 
in Microwave
melt 2T butter (on low) in the 32oz jar.
on Stovetop
melt 2T butter and pour into 32oz jar. 
      tip: you can now wash & store this.

2: Measure the milk into the big jar. 
Pour milk slowly into 32oz jar until the 4oz marking is just covered. 

3: Add the egg into the big jar. 
Crack egg into 32oz jar. Cap tightly and shake vigorously. 

4: Measure dry pancake mix in the small jar. 
in 6oz  jar
for White Knight: fill to the 6oz mark. 
for Windy Point: fill to the 15oml mark. 
      tip: you can now rinse & store this.

on Scale
measure dry mix directly into 32oz jar and pour into 32oz jar. 
for White Knight & Windy Point: fill to 90g

5: Mix
Add dry mix to wet mix.
Cap tightly and shake vigorously.
        tip: If your mix is too wet or too dry, immediately add 2T dry mix or 2T milk and shake again - if you wait to adjust later, you will lose some fluffiness. If you have doubled the recipe, a chopstick helps to make sure it is well mixed. 

6: Cook

Pour directly from jar onto hot, un-greased cast-iron (or nonstick) cooking surface. 

Flip when the edges begin to look set.