Lindsey as Alice, Samuel as the White Knight.

I was trying to impress an acrobat. 

Let me explain:

Back in 2010, I got obsessed with pancakes. For two years, I made pancakes four and five times a week - sometimes twice a day. I took a lot of notes.

I was in a circus adaptation of the Alice stories, and I fell for the woman playing Alice. 

I wanted to impress her with breakfast.

It had to be delicate enough to call cake, but substantial enough to get her through her workouts.

It had to be reliably tender, whole grain, and high in protein. It had to be easy: ready to go by the time the griddle was hot. 

I tinkered endlessly with dozens of grains and meals, with techniques, proportions, and temperatures. I scrawled notes everywhere; it looked like an alchemist was turning lead into gold in my kitchen. 

The cakes were popular in our neighborhood brunches, and people kept asking for more. Eventually, the demand became unreasonable, and in 2015 Susanna, my tenacious mother, convinced me to start a business.

The acrobat said she’d marry me. We gave pancakes out at our wedding.



We worked farmers markets for four years, making tiny pancakes for the people.


Long Table Pancakes are my loveletter to breakfast, to an acrobat, and to you. Enjoy. 

-Samuel Taylor, founder