We are monomaniacally focused on providing you with the best possible pancakes. That is the north star that guides every one of our decisions.  

But yes: you can make waffles from our mixes. The crispy cousin of the pancake. 

Unless you're going to get into yeasted waffles, sourdough waffles, or even carbonated waffles (all of which are great ideas) the changes are simple. Basically, you want the batter thinner, and sometimes, you want a little more fat. 

Here are the changes we recommend making to the recipe on the back of the bag for making waffles from our pancake mixes:



  • Nothing.


Use the recipe on the back of your bag. These waffles will blow you away. They are crisp on the outside, slightly chewy in the middle, and full of flavor. Make them golden brown, load them up with butter and syrup, and don't look back. 



  • 2T/40g milk
  • 1T/20g melted butter.

These waffles are excellent. Let them get medium-dark brown, and the slight bitterness will complement the buttery popcorn flavor beautifully. 



  • 3T/60g milk
  • 1T/20g melted butter

These waffles lean in the direction of cornbread, and create a great backbone for more complex savory-waffle creations: top with a fried egg and tomatillo sauce for excellent Waffles RancheroS, for example. Get them dark brown and crispy. 

Extra Credit

If you have the time, you can whip the egg whites separately into soft peaks, hold them until the end, and gently fold them in last. 

If you want to keep them warm before serving, keep the oven low: 120F-150F is good. Lay them (don't stack them) on a cookie sheet. Keep in mind that they will crisp up significantly in just a short time, so don't overbrown them in the waffle iron.