White Knight: 4lb Bag


Pancakes made of popcorn.

Why do people lose their dang minds for the White Knight Pancake Mix? Popcorn Flour. The air that gets in the popcorn stays in the cake.

We start by air popping a heritage, open pollinated red popcorn. Then we stone-mill it into a fairy dust that makes the perfect pancake: one that floats like popcorn and fights like whole grain.

    Better for you, better for the earth:

    • 100% Stone Ground Whole Grains
    • Heritage Grain
    • High Protein (11g per serving, when prepared)
    • Ethically Sourced

    Grain Bill: 

    • Organic Oats
    • Heritage Red Popcorn 
    • Organic Heritage Frederick White Wheat
    • Almond Meal
    • Poppy Seeds

    This four pound bag will make a lot of pancakes: 200 4 inch pancakes, 10 at a time (if you follow our recipe). It's always good to have a well stocked pantry!

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