4 Pack Blue Corn Pancake Mix

Flavorful heirloom grain pancakes that work as hard as you do.
$ 33.75
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We think we make the best pancake mixes on earth.

If you do not feel that these make best pancakes you have ever eaten, just reach out to us with your order number within 30 days of ordering and we will gladly refund you.


How many pancakes does it make? → 
1lb bag: 50 4 inch pancakes, 10 at a time. 12oz bag: will make 40 4 inch pancakes, 10 at a time. Shake Packs: 10 4 inch pancakes (or 6 6 inch pancakes). 

Can I make waffles with these? → Yes. Add 2T/30g liquid to any of our pancake instructions. 

Is it organic? → All of the grains in our pancake mixes are organic. We are a small operation and it doesn’t make sense for us to pay to certify organic. Yet.

Why is there so much protein? → We use heirloom grains with high protein content and (sometimes) nut meal. We do not use any industrially manufactured protein powders. 

Is it NON-GMO? → Yes it is. GMO foods are bad for the soil, bad for biodiversity, bad for the resilience of local economies, bad for long-term pest management, and really bad for family farms. We are a small operation and it doesn’t make sense for us to certify Non-GMO. Yet.

It is Vegan? → All of our mixes are vegan. View vegan preparation instructions.

Is it whole grain? → Yes. Yes. All of our pancake mixes are not just whole grain, but whole-kernel. Our grains are stone-milled, which is the most complete kind of grain you can eat. Most so-called 'whole grains' have the germ (the most nutritious part of the grain) removed to extend shelf life. It's a trick, and we don't use it. 

What are Heirloom Grains? → Heirloom grains are grains selected and planted from the best of each year’s crop, as was done for thousands of years before the industrial revolution. They have a variety and richness of flavor that modern grains simply cannot approach. Many of them contain gluten, but their gluten structures are fundamentally different: gentler, easier to digest.

How come popcorn flour is so low on the White Knight ingredient list? → Because it’s so light, and ingredients are listed by weight. It’s over half the product, by volume. That’s the whole point ;)


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Regenerative Farming

What we hand down to the next generations matters.

Building a regenerative food system is literally the planet’s best hope at handing down a livable world to the next generations. That’s why we source our heirloom grains from small regenerative farmers who use restorative practices (like no-till farming, crop rotation, cover cropping, and composting) capture carbon, build biodiversity, filter water, and restore critical topsoil for future generations. All while plowing profits into small-business economies.

Thank you for handing down something better.

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Heirloom grains taste better and are better for you than their modern counterparts.

Stone-milling those grains gives you a true whole grain: all of its taste and nutritional value - unlike modern roller-milled 'whole grains' (which have had their most nutritious and flavorful elements removed for the sake of shelf-life).


High protein, high fiber pancakes made from stone ground whole heirloom grains & nut meals. No Industrial protein powder, no filler, no tricks.

Just the strongest start to your day possible.


Our future depends on food.

Regenerative agriculture is built on four principles: carbon capture, biodiversity, water quality & soil health.

By sourcing plant-based products directly from local regenerative farmers, we protect the world that our kids and grandkids will grow up in.