Gluten Free Deluxe Gift Box

This is the gluten free version of our Deluxe Gift Box. 
Step beyond the expected.  
Treat your loved ones to some comfort and joy with a care package that will take them a step beyond their habits, and perhaps into new ones. 

This care package contains:

3 bags of gluten free pancake mix.
Go a step beyond rice flour:
1776: Sorghum, Teff, Almond, Blue Corn (gluten free)

2 Maple Syrups (60ml each)
Go a step beyond pancake syrup:
ugarmaker’s Cut: the very best pure organic maple syrup of the season.

Rye-Whiskey Barrel Aged: organic maple syrup, aged in rye whiskey casks for up to a year. Non-alcoholic.

2 Discs Stone-Ground Chocolate
Go a step beyond chocolate chips:
Stone ground chocolate with true grit: organic Mexican-style dark chocolate discs with warm cinnamon spice. A perfect companion to our stone-ground pancakes.
2 oz Pecans
Go a step beyond nuts:
Included are instructions for making maple-syrup candied pecans, using some of the maple syrup in the box. 
A Personalized Card
Your brief message, beautifully handwritten for your loved one.