Box of Joy


A box of pure joy, specially prepared for your mom.

We'll ship it UPS Ground on May 3rd, to arrive in time for Mother's Day breakfast on the 9th. 


  • 1lb White Knight Pancake Mix
    It's made out of popped popcorn. It's so light it practically floats. It's our most delightful pancake mix. 
    (It's also whole grain and high in protein.) 

  • 250ml Sparkle Syrup
    Maple Syrup magically crafted to make smiles.
    Sparkly, shiny food-grade pearlescent mica suspended in a pure organic maple syrup. The mica is tasteless, so it tastes just like an incredibly good pure maple syrup. There's no other reason to do this other than joy. It shines, it swirls, it's amazing.  

  • 3 Wildflower Pollinator Seed Bombs
    You just chuck 'em someplace. Beautiful flowers will grow there. It's amazing. 
    The seeds in these bombs help preserve critical pollinator populations. Bees not only pollinate the organic grains in these pancakes, they also safeguard our broader biodiversity and long-term food security. 
    (Also them flowers are real pretty!)

  • 2oz Mexican Stone Ground Chocolate
    Dark chocolate with Cinnamon.
    It's perfect for breaking up and dropping into pancake batter. 
    It's also perfect for making Mexican hot chocolate -which, let's face it, is amazing. 

  • Your Handwritten Message
    You type it, we'll hand-write it on a nice card. 
    This business started as a mother-and-son team, so we don't mind going the extra mile for your mom on this one. 
    For a Custom Gift Message:
    leave your short note on the order at checkout!