1776: 1lb Bag




Childhood gets a glow-up.


Most of the customers who order and re-order these cakes again and again aren’t even eating gluten-free. These cakes are just that good.

But they only taste like they’re an indulgence. They’re better for you & better for the earth:

  • 100% Stone Ground Whole Grains
  • Heritage Grain
  • No xanthan gum, no guar gum, no rice flour.
  • High Protein (11g per serving, when prepared)
  • Ethically Sourced

We didn’t just slap together some cheap flour and a binding gum - we spent two years working on the formula for these before we felt it was perfect.

Grain Bill: 

  • Sorghum
  • Organic Red Cornmeal 
  • Almond Meal
  • Teff Seeds
  • Potato Starch

This one-pound bag makes about 50 4 inch pancakes (12 at a time if you follow our recipe). 

Learn more about our Sourcing.