Popcorn Flour

When we say it’s the fluffiest flour on earth, we mean it literally.

It’s a lot of trouble to go to for a pancake, but it’s worth it. It’s a magic trick that gets us the fluffiest cake possible without sacrificing an inch on our 100% stone-ground whole grain principles.

It started with a memory from childhood: my friend’s dad, Barry, made the best pancakes I’d ever had - using something called popcorn flour

I hunted far and wide for it. But not only could I not find anyone who made it, I couldn’t find anyone who made equipment that would make it. It took me two years to reproduce it and scale it for production. In the end I had to I break apart and rebuild my own machines by hand. 

At last emerging from my secret laboratory, covered in fairy dust, popcorn mill and trade secret process in hand, I called Barry and told him I’d managed to recreate his invention. 

“What’s popcorn flour?” he asked. 

Turns out the whole thing was just the kind of fantasy a child has about food.

But it turns out that it works. 

This is the backbone of our best-selling pancake: Popcorn Pancake & Waffle Mix.

To complement the popcorn flour’s warm flavor, I added the best organic oat flour the midwest has to offer. To give it structure, I added organic stone-ground Frederick white wheat. To give it a moist, tender crumb, I added a hefty amount of almond meal. For fun, I added poppy seeds.

It’s everything you ever wanted a pancake to be, and nothing you didn’t. 

Float like popcorn. Fight like whole grain.