The Hype is real. These are the best pancakes.

I was like: "how good can pancakes be? Especially with fancy healthy ingredients?" Seriously. Best pancakes.

-Nikki B

our vision is a long future

with better food, better health & better hopes.


Heirloom grains taste better and are better for you than their modern counterparts.

Stone-milling those grains gives you a true whole grain: all of its taste and nutritional value - unlike modern roller-milled 'whole grains' (which have had their most nutritious and flavorful elements removed for the sake of shelf-life).


High protein, high fiber pancakes made from stone ground whole heirloom grains & nut meals. No Industrial protein powder, no filler, no tricks.

Just the strongest start to your day possible.


Our future depends on food.

Regenerative agriculture is built on four principles: carbon capture, biodiversity, water quality & soil health.

By sourcing plant-based products directly from local regenerative farmers, we protect the world that our kids and grandkids will grow up in.

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I am SCREAMING about
how good these are.

-Taylor B.

I'd be lying if I told you these weren't the best pancakes I've ever had.

They are. (They were. We annihilated the bag in two sittings.)

These pancakes were so delicious that I just had to find out something, anything, I could about where they came from and of course, how to get more.

. I never knew a pancake could be so damn romantic and I certainly never knew I'd be so delighted to support a pancake mix maker. I shall spread the word to all my friends near and far about the man, his mother, the acrobat and the divine breakfast that came out of all that love. I never knew I'd be so delighted to support a pancake mix maker.

-Nicole J.

Rocket fuel for marathoners

-Michael K.

The 1776 are LIFE-CHANGING gluten-free pancakes!

They are so delicious that you don't feel left out of the pancake game. Light and fluffy and delicious!

Now all I can think about are pancakes...

-Chris K.

Eat these pancakes. Your whole body will love you all over again.

-Rick G.

Popcorn flour is a magic I want everyone to experience! Superb!

-Jess K.

I am a low-carb, fiber-&-proteins kinda gal.

Regular ol’ pancakes make me feel sluggish and like I'm indulging instead of fueling....

THATBEINGSAID.... these are so light, so fluffy, and so thoughtfully crafted - the ingredients don't make me feel like I'm stuffing myself silly. I was shocked when I could eat two or three and not need to unbutton m'pants and go back to bed right after breakfast. ;)

-Atra A.

My kids LOVED them and asked for them by name.

Also, these are hands down the greatest pancakes YOU'LL ever have. The freshest, the tastiest. Real gourmet.

-Ronnie M.