How many pancakes does it make? → 
1lb bag: 50 4 inch pancakes, 10 at a time. 12oz bag: will make 40 4 inch pancakes, 10 at a time. Shake Packs: 10 4 inch pancakes (or 6 6 inch pancakes). 

Can I make waffles with these? → Yes. Add 2T/30g liquid to any of our pancake instructions. 

Is it organic? → All of the grains in our pancake mixes are organic. We are a small operation and it doesn’t make sense for us to pay to certify organic. Yet.

Why is there so much protein? → We use heirloom grains with high protein content and (sometimes) nut meal. We do not use any industrially manufactured protein powders. 

Is it NON-GMO? → Yes it is. GMO foods are bad for the soil, bad for biodiversity, bad for the resilience of local economies, bad for long-term pest management, and really bad for family farms. We are a small operation and it doesn’t make sense for us to certify Non-GMO. Yet.

It is Vegan? → All of our mixes are vegan. View vegan preparation instructions.

Is it whole grain? → Yes. Yes. All of our pancake mixes are not just whole grain, but whole-kernel. Our grains are stone-milled, which is the most complete kind of grain you can eat. Most so-called 'whole grains' have the germ (the most nutritious part of the grain) removed to extend shelf life. It's a trick, and we don't use it. 

What are Heirloom Grains? → Heirloom grains are grains selected and planted from the best of each year’s crop, as was done for thousands of years before the industrial revolution. They have a variety and richness of flavor that modern grains simply cannot approach. Many of them contain gluten, but their gluten structures are fundamentally different: gentler, easier to digest.

How come popcorn flour is so low on the White Knight ingredient list? → Because it’s so light, and ingredients are listed by weight. It’s over half the product, by volume. That’s the whole point ;)