7 Tips for Perfect Pancakes Digital Download


Perfect Pancakes Every Time

I’m Samuel, founder of Long Table. I’ve flipped over 1,000,000 pancakes and I ain’t sorry.

This is a 22 page digital booklet going into depth on the 7 tips that will revolutionize your pancake game - forever. We discuss the mallaird reaction, the leidenfrost effect, smoke point of butter vs caramelization of lactose... 

(And also they're super easy, you don't have to be a power geek like me to follow the tips.) 


See, most folks get disappointed with the pancakes they make at home, compared to what they get at a diner. This isn’t because the diner is using better ingredients. Typically, they aren’t.

It’s because the person at the diner’s griddle has secret wisdom, gained by making pancakes every day for a decade.

I will give you that secret wisdom.