Back in 2010, two things happened:

I got deep into pancakes and I fell in love with an acrobat.

I was in an extremely physicaI circus adaptation of the Alice stories at lookingglass theatre company in Chicago, and I fell for the woman playing Alice.  We were both biking 9 miles in to 8 hour physical rehearsals, and we needed serious nutrition.

My quest to impress her with a pancake that would be nutrient dense enough to get her through her performances - but also so light that it would practically float - led me to creating a whole new kind of flour.

Out of popcorn.

It’s the lightest flour on earth. It’s also a nutrient dense heirloom whole grain.


The acrobat & I got married & gave out popcorn panckes as wedding favors.

I took my savings of $5,000 and a big steel whisk, I bought a griddle & my first round of ingredients, and I started working farmer’s markets.

It was supposed to be a side hustle to my career in the Chicago Theatre.


But then, in 2020, the theatres all closed. One night the lights went out, and stayed out. Some of them were dark for two years, some will never turn the lights on again.

As a new dad with no job, no industry, and no career path forward, it was a hopeless time for me.

But I had this side hustle: a little seedling of a business working with regenerative farmers helping to build a more hopeful world for my son’s generation to live in.


After taking the risk and going full time on Long Table, the business has doubled in size twice in two years, and is growing every month.

Just like that kid.

Thank you for your support, it really does mean the world to me to be able to put good food on your table.

-----> founder of Long Table

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