Rye 09/22

The Farmer

The Dark Bono Rye in this pancake mix was grown and milled at Janie's Mill in Ashkum IL under Harold Wilken.

Harold is a legend.

He is a lifelong farmer who feels strongly about marrying the aims of the regenerative movement with the practicalities and realities of midwest soil. He speaks with the growl of a friendly bear and is always happy to educate you while he delivers your order. he has the gentlest touch of anyone we've ever met with a 2,500 lb pallet of flour on a manual pallet-jack

The idea for Janie’s Mill sprung up one day as Harold was watching tons of his organic wheat flow into a semi to travel far from Janie’s Farm. 

He suddenly thought, "Really?! My grain has to go 700 miles to feed a chicken, when there’s all these millions of people nearby who eat bread?”

Interview with Harold

Regenerative Practices:

- Cover cropping

- Crop Rotation

- Low-Till

- No Pesiticides

The Miller

Once harvested and professionally cleaned, Jill & her team stone-mill it into a tasty, nutrition dense flour.

The fact that Janie's can grow an heirloom grain just down the road from where they mil it is wildly uncommon in the grains world. Usually therea re thousands of miles and several layers of industrial opacity between you and the farm that grows your grains.

Jill is the expert mill manager at Janie's Mill. Her years of experience reviving and revitalizing the ancient art of stone-milling whole grains have created a knowedge base that is elevating the entire region;s ability to put whole grain superfood flours on your table.

Thank you, Jill. ⁠