Spelt 05/22

The Farmer

The Golden Spelt in this pancake mix was grown by Gene Vogel in Minden City, MI. 

Gene wanted to get away from toxic chemicals when he had kids on his farm, and in 1995 went Organic and never looked back.

He has been keeping chemicals off of his crops and carefully building topsoil with cover cropping and rotation for 27 years, and today he farms with his son. 

Interview with Gene Vogel


Regenerative Practices:

- Cover cropping

- Crop Rotation

- No-Plow

- No Pesiticides

The Miller

The Vogel Family's spelt is milled at Janie's Mill in Ashkum Illinois, a leading organic miller right in Long Table's back yard. They provide a critical step in the grain chain for many of the area's organic and regenerative farmers, and we are proud to work with them.