4 Pack Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix

▻ high protein
▻ high fiber
▻ whole heirloom grains

$ 45.00
Satisfaction Guarantee

We think we make the best pancake mixes on earth. 

If you don’t feel that way, just reach out to us with your order number within 30 days of ordering and we will gladly refund you the cost of the pancake mix you ordered. 

FAQ (waffles, etc)

How many pancakes does a bag make?
→ 1lb bag: 50 4 inch pancakes, 10 at a time. That's breakfast for two, five times. 

Can I make waffles with these?
→ Yes! Add 2T/30g liquid to any of our pancake instructions. 

Is it organic?
→ 90% of the grains in our pancake mixes are organic. We are a small operation and it doesn’t make sense for us to pay to certify organic. Yet.

How is there so much protein?
 We use heirloom grains with high protein content and (sometimes) nut meal. We do not use any industrially manufactured protein powders. 

How come popcorn flour is so low on the Popcorn Pancakes ingredient list?
→ Because it’s so light, and ingredients are listed by weight. It’s over half the product, by volume. That’s the whole point ;)

Is it NON-GMO?
Yes. GMO foods are bad for the soil, bad for biodiversity, and really bad for family farms. We are a small operation and it doesn’t make sense for us to certify Non-GMO. Yet.

It is Vegan?
→ All of our mixes are vegan. The instructions on the back of the bag call for egg and milk, but you don't have to make them that way: view vegan preparation instructions.

Is it whole grain?
 Yes. All of our pancake mixes are not just whole grain, but whole-kernel. Our grains are stone-milled, which is the most complete kind of grain you can eat. Most so-called 'whole grains' have the germ (the most nutritious part of the grain) removed to extend shelf life. It's a trick, and we don't use it. 

What are Heirloom Grains?
→ Heirloom grains are grains selected and planted from the best of each year’s crop, as was done for thousands of years before the industrial revolution. They have a variety and richness of flavor that modern grains simply cannot approach. Many of them contain gluten, but their gluten structures are fundamentally different: gentler, easier to digest.


Shipping (Carbon Neutral)

Shipping is free on all orders over $60. Shipping is $10 on orders under $60.

In stock items ship within 2 business days. 2-4 business days is the normal delivery time once in transit. 

Pre-orders will whip when the entire order is ready. 

We do not offer expedited shipping at this time.

We currently ship to all 50 US States. We do not currently ship outside this area.

All shipping is carbon neutral - powered by Shopify Planet.

Regenerative Farming

What we hand down to the next generations matters.

Building a regenerative food system is literally the planet’s best hope at handing down a livable world to the next generations. That’s why we source our heirloom grains from small regenerative farmers who use restorative practices (like no-till farming, crop rotation, cover cropping, and composting) capture carbon, build biodiversity, filter water, and restore critical topsoil for future generations. All while plowing profits into small-business economies.

Thank you for handing down something better.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Best GF pancakes I’ve ever had

I am very pleased with my purchase. I saw these on Shark Tank and purchased them immediately. It took awhile to get them but they were worth the wait. They are delicious and fluffy like a pancake should be. Most GF mixes I have used have weird textures. Not this one.

Taste great, but made some modifications

Love these pancakes (I purchased 8, with 2 different varieties). But I feel the batter requires a little more liquid then the instructions indicate, as it was quite thick. Also, putting butter in the mixture (per the directions) wasn't enough to stop the pancakes from sticking really badly to my cast iron pan. I recommend also putting butter IN the pan -- much better!! With those 2 changes, they were perfect ;-) I enjoy adding blueberries or diced apples as well. Delicious!


These are fantastic! So good they don’t need syrup or a topping! My son is GF and DF so I use banana, coconut oil and almond milk in-lieu of the dairy. With the most recent batch I added flax seeds and cooked quinoa for extra protein. They are AMAZING! Bravo!!!

Margaret Rye
Blue Corn Mix

Best waffles ever! Fast easy and most importantly delicious. We served them for breakfast with extended family ages 1-72 everyone cleaned their plates!

Monica Davis
Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix

Excellent flavor and texture!

Get your snack on!

One of my kids is a very picky eater and absolutely loves the variety you have! We snack on them everyday since we first tried them!

Bob Larson
Gluten free

They taste gross and the texture is grimy

Hi Bob, I'm sorry to hear that you felt that way. We do have a satisfaction guarantee if you don't love them, and we'd be happy to honor that for you. Just reach out to eat@longtablepancakes.com with your order number.

Jeff Miller
Great for fried foods too

I mixed a half a cup of long table pan cake gluten free mix with half a cup of Kentucky Kernel gluten free seasoned flour, an coated my chicken tenders an pan fried them, wow were they good, outstanding.

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