Heirloom Grain Pancake and Waffle Mix | Turkey Red 4 Pack

Grown + Milled on farm at Meadowlark Organics
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Why they farm

Halee + John Wepking

it's about more than food

Better Farms, Better Places to Live

All of the farmers that Long Table works with follow a basic campsite rule: Leave the place a little better than you found it.

For Halee + John, this is about making their community a better place to live. Their farm + mill bring good jobs into their rural community. They practically glow with love for it.

Farm-to-Table, Small-Business supply chains are not just buzz words. They are the lifeblood of rural economies.

Grown by Farmer Chefs

Halee studied modern dance and went to culinary school. Now she runs a 1,000 acre organic farm.

She met a boy at her restaurant job named John. Over beers, he said he'd love to move back to Wisconsin and farm, but who would go with him? She raised her hand.

They started out by putting their backgrounds to work, running a restaurant. Halee describes being pregnant, working a griddle, and thinking: "This isn't really it." She started looking for jobs with the word Organic in them.

Handing Down the Farm

It was around then that Halee found a Craigslist ad that read:

"I am seeking a forward thinking individual or couple to join my 950-acre organic farming operation... I want to share my 40 years of farm experience with someone who is willing to work to improve my farm."

This is the story of food: we all sit at one long table, handing down the best food - and the best world - that we can.

Diversified Regenerative Farming

Halee + John's farm is different, and you can see it from the road. The acres change colors as they roll over the hills. It's crop rotation & cover cropping in action.

Rotating crops on a 7 year schedule creates biodiverse soil that supports healthy, pest-resistant plants without the use of chemicals.

Keeping green things in the ground (cover cropping) keeps soil microbiology in good health for more flavorul, nutrient-dense grains.