Long Table on Shark Tank

What happened to Long Table after Shark Tank?

A year ago, we landed our own episode of Shark Tank. Lindsey (my wife) was an acrobat, David Schwimmer was there, every single shark said: "These are the best pancakes I've ever had." It was wild. But we didn’t get a deal. It was a hard blow - it felt like we had worked so hard for nothing.

But, when the episode aired, viewers went crazy for our heirloom grain pancake mixes. We saw one of the strongest responses to any product on Shark Tank in years (what the heck?!).

As we’re writing this, a year ago today, we were…..

  • a one person shop with $250,000 in lifetime sales & 900 social media followers, nearly burnt out over years of farmers markets.

This year, we have…

  • Become a multi-million dollar brand (don’t be fooled. every order STILL counts.)
  • 10X-ed our social following
  • Grown to a full time staff of 5
  • Completely rebranded
  • Launched in over 120 stores
  • Launched three limited-edition pancake mixes
  • Built a small business supply chain that supports family run regenerative farms
We’re still dedicated to…
  • Leaving the world a little better than we found it through healthy farming practices & bringing the lost flavors (& strong nutrition!) of heirloom grains to more and more people.
We’re looking forward to…
  • Arriving in more stores nationwide
  • Bringing more people the joy of pancakes & the flavors of heirloom grains
  • Supporting and telling the stories of more regenerative farms

Want to keep up with how we’re doing and follow our growth? As discussed on our episode, we’re still working on building our social following. You can keep up with us here.

We have also developed a weekly-ish email series chock-full of juicy information about nutrition, regenerative agriculture, pancakes, and other Long Table happenings. Sign up for it at the bottom of this page, under “Newsletter” (and for a limited-time, get a free mystery bag of pancake mix!).