Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix | 2 Pack

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High Protein

Heirloom Grain

Certified Gluten Free

Certified Non-GMO

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We think we make the best pancake mixes on earth. 

If you don’t feel that way, just reach out to us with your order number within 30 days of ordering and we will gladly refund you the cost of the pancake mix you ordered. 

FAQ (waffles, etc)

How many pancakes does a bag make?
→ 12oz bag: 24 6 inch pancakes, 6 at a time. That's breakfast for two, four times. 

Can I make waffles with these?
→ Yes! Add 2T/30g liquid to any of our pancake instructions. 

Is it organic?
→ 90% of the grains in our pancake mixes are organic. We are a small operation and it doesn’t make sense for us to pay to certify organic. Yet.

How is there so much protein?
 We use heirloom grains with high protein content and (sometimes) nut meal. We do not use any industrially manufactured protein powders. 

How come popcorn flour is so low on the Popcorn Pancakes ingredient list?
→ Because it’s so light, and ingredients are listed by weight. It’s over half the product, by volume. That’s the whole point ;)

Is it NON-GMO?
Yes. GMO foods are bad for the soil, bad for biodiversity, and really bad for family farms. All of our core products are certified non-GMO, and our short runs use the same process 7 supply chain - they just sell out too fast to certify. 

It is Vegan?
→ All of our mixes are vegan. The instructions on the back of the bag call for egg and milk, but you don't have to make them that way: view vegan preparation instructions.

Is it whole grain?
 Yes. All of our pancake mixes are not just whole grain, but whole-kernel. Our grains are stone-milled, which is the most complete kind of grain you can eat. Most so-called 'whole grains' have the germ (the most nutritious part of the grain) removed to extend shelf life. It's a trick, and we don't use it. 

What are Heirloom Grains?
→ Heirloom grains are grains selected and planted from the best of each year’s crop, as was done for thousands of years before the industrial revolution. They have a variety and richness of flavor that modern grains simply cannot approach. Many of them contain gluten, but their gluten structures are fundamentally different: gentler, easier to digest.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Best ever Gluten Free Waffels!

Best ever gluten free waffles I've ever tasted and made - quick ’n easy to prepare and cook Thank you Samuel!! Just wish that there was a variety in flavors as you have in the regular non-gluten free, like the Gingerbread that you had, that would be awesome in Gluten Free! perhaps one day?!

Gluten Free Mix

The GF mix is DELICIOUS! Literally the best GF pancake mix I’ve used. Just placed a second order today.

Reginald Dary

4 Pack Gluten Free Pancake + Waffle Mix 12.7oz

Marie Pace
Gave me a long awaited orgasm

Hands down the best pancake I’ve eaten in years and no question the best gluten free one! My god they are delicious. Second time I added extra coconut milk to make batter runny which made killer crepes. Really good product.


Always love LTO

Michelle Cassese
Amazing product!

I love these— fluffy and hearty and keep me full for hours. I also used these in the pumpkin bread recipe sent out by Long Table and added some dried cranberries and the bread was amazing!! I have been happy with all of the pancake options and the mission behind the product is something I can really get behind. These are the only pancakes I’ll eat! Customer for life!

Anne Hackett
Yummy gluten free waffles.

Delicious, healthy waffles!

delicious baking mix

We love the Long Table GF baking mix! I have made pancakes and pumpkin bread with it many times and they have been consistently delicious. Never gummy. My family cannot tell it's gluten free. Both the pancakes and pumpkin bread had a soft crumb and delicious flavor. And I love that it's whole grains instead of all refined flour. We'll definitely buy again!